Rotary Feed Throughs

The performance of most Delta robot applications is limited by the handling of the product. An optimized pneumatic system is key for allowing maximizing the system performance. VELTRU is offering a range of rotary feed throughs and is happy to adapt to project specific needs, if necessary. The range covers systems with external vacuum generation from low volume and high vacuum level to systems with high air flow. It also includes a range of ejector based system allowing to generate the vacuum within the rotary feed through. Special options are available for hygienic applications, like handling perishable food.

VELTRU is also offering ultra-flexible, lightweight vacuum tubings with large cross-section for high volume flow applications. Pneumatic quick connectors and brackets standardize the mounting on the robotic arm.

LED lights for machine vision

While advanced algorithms allow getting extraordinary results, the basic of stable machine vision remains trying to acquires images of good quality and revealing the details to be identified with enough contrast. VELTRU offers LED stripes and backlights with outstanding homogeneity. The dimmable white light does not disturb operators. For relevant applications, optional protection of up to IP69K is available, suitable for WashDown applications.

VELTRU combines these special LED light modules with its application experience to help you solving advanced problems. Contact us for your applications requiring to detect reflective products or to localize products on a modular belt!

VL LED backlight

Calibration Tools

Sometimes, small details are making the difference. The Calibration Kit is compatible with all offered Delta Robot tool carrier base plates. The calibration needle can be reverted to fit into the calibration plate with its rounded end or to point on a target with its sharp end to precisely verify the calibration results.

The entire kit is offered with a handy case.

For vision distortion calibration, the vision calibration grid is available in various standard sizes or can be ordered with project specific size. The coating minimizes reflections.



Rotary Feed Through with integrated Venturi