How Can We Help You?

At VELTRU, we combine component sales, delivering the basic technology, with hands-on engineering and support to enable our customers turning the technology available into solutions for specific markets. The following are two possible business blue-prints how we can collaborate with you:

OEM Customer

You have the need to deploy an ever changing range of handling solutions in your target markets. Your customers require fulfilling specific requirements in hardware and software. You want to keep service and support to your customers in your hands but are not interested in developing and maintaining your own robotic platform. Then we can help you. Using proven, modular functionality we can support your fast market entry. We ensure the maintenance of the platform and the possibility to adapt to new market requirements as they arise. Our training provides a quick jump start on the learning curve for robotic handling applications. We can supply system engineering and hands-on support on your initial projects as required. The open architecture also allows customers to integrate their own differentiating functionalities.

Machine Builder

You are a machine builder and you have a demand for flexible robotic applications repeating in similar configurations. You are interested in a solution specifically tailored at your customers’ specific needs with long term availability without the need to acquire too much specific robotic competence. Then we can help you. We will engineer your individual application based on our broad base of proven modules. Should the need arise, we develop missing functionalities. After a specific training focused on the application, we will give you a proper handover in a way to enable you to multiply the solution and keep the value added for peripherals and integration in house. We will supply you with our components and ensure you have a partner in the background with specific competencies at your disposal anytime.