L10 Line Control

High-throughput production with more than one robot working in line requires a line controller. The VELTRU L10 line controller provides modules to coordinate several robots working on a shared flow or products.

The software modules for line control allow to synchronize, centrally visualize and operate multiple robot and other devices. The main features include communication of product information between robots, functionality for load balancing in multi-robot lines and the possibility to access the visualization of different applications on one or multiple screens.

The L10 line controller functionality may be installed on a dedicated controller or may be included into the application of one C10 robot motion controller.


For a single cell application, the main focus is typically on handling issues and robot motion; however, more complex, for example multi-robot, integration tend to have logistics as the key feature. VELTRU offers the possibility to simulate the flow of products in multi-robot systems using real control code and making use of the on-board visualization elements. This approach allows to transfer any algorithms and functionality used for simulation into the project. The following is a top view on a five-robot-system in counter flow layout.

Multi-Robot System Concepts

Fast handling equipment is often used in processes where volumes can not be handled by one robot only. The product architecture of VELTRU has multi-robot systems in mind. Our customers may download the corresponding Application Notes describing further technical details from our FTP.

VELTRU is able to offer its customer access to all three major concepts for multi-robot lines:

Assortment configuration

The assortment is where several different products are combined into one packaging, common for chocolate and confectionery applications. Each product is fed on an individual conveyor, perpendicular to the conveyor for the packaging.

Parallel flow configuration

In systems with one product type only, the products and the packaging are transported in parallel direction. If moving into the same direction, the last robot will have few products to fit into few cavities of the packaging. This typically leads to errors such as products not being packaged and packaging not getting completely filled. VELTRU is offering a concept allowing to disconnect the speed of the respective conveyors and thus to overcome the mentioned problems.

Counterflow configuration

An alternative method is using the counterflow principle, running the products and packaging in opposite direction. VELTRU is able to support this proven and robust concept.