LED lights for machine vision

While advanced algorithms allow getting extraordinary results, the basic of stable machine vision remains trying to acquires images of good quality and revealing the details to be identified with enough contrast. VELTRU offers LED light bars and backlights with outstanding homogeneity. The dimmable white light does not disturb operators. For relevant applications, optional protection of up to IP69K is available, allowing to realize WashDown applications.

VELTRU combines these standard LED light modules with its application experience to help you solving more advanced problems. Contact us for your applications requiring to detect reflective products or to localize products on a modular belt!

VL LED backlight

Backlights for retro-illuminated conveyor belts

Get reflection free contour images with excellent contrast. The slim design of just 20mm simplifies the integration into conveyor belts. The flicker free dimming allows gently controlling the scene.

On the right hand side, an original picture of a flow-wrapped syringe with disturbing reflections on the film and the same syringe under the backlight. It is even possible to detect content or packaging, just as needed.

Backlights also work well with modular belts or wire mesh conveyors, as long as the products are bigger than the mesh pattern size. On the images here below: Top left the products on the modular belt, top right in black and white. Bottom left the same view as seen by the camera and bottom right after having removed the modular belt with some standard vision algorithm steps.


Conveyor Belt with Backlight


Flowpacked product with reflections