Application Gallery

VELTRU's components are suitable for a wide range of applications. The following descriptions shall reveal a first insight. Contact us! We are happy to present you an even broader overview. Please give us some details on what you are interested about and we will summarize similar applications for your reference. Challenge us with new ideas and help pushing the limits of existing handling solutions even further.

Twin Cell loading flowpack

Twin Cell distribution system feeding products to a flowpack. The robots make use of a shared workrange, which is dynamically allocated to avoid mechanical collisions. The 'cell overview' HMI page in the middle of the Video shows the reserved areas in red.

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Twin Robot Cell with Double Pick

Twin robot cell loading a flowpack machine. Both VELTRU D12H robots are using double pick gripper, allowing to pick two individual products per cycle. The robot software ensures the second pick with one product already on the gripper does not lead to collisions with products still on the conveyor.

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Stacking Products

Handling application examples stacking products directly on the gripper.

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Distribution System Simulation

Two robot distribution system. The system uses overlapping workranges of the robots on the outfeed chain.

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Flow Wrapper Loading

A D8 Delta Robot is loading Oreo biscuits into a flow wrapper infeed chain. The products are located using machine vision and handled pneumatically with a suction cup.

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Hygienic Ejectors

The hygienic ejectors allow creating vacuum with pressurized air. Any contamination with the product will remain locally, at the gripper head. The large crosssections help avoiding clogging.

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Pepper Loading

Calibrated peppers are located using vision system and loaded into boxes and totes using suction cups.

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Random Sample Quality Inspection

Random samples of medical devices are located by a vision system and fed to a turntable using a VELTRU D8 Delta Robot. Multiple sensors inspect the devices for quality defects. A two axis mechanism retrieves the tested parts and deposits them according to the quality information gathered. The entire logistics of the application is handled by VELTRU and demonstrates the possibilities of the Queue Module.

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5 Robot Counterflow System

A production process is feeding 1160 products per minutes on carriers. 5 VELTRU D8 Delta robots share the load to place the products for carton sleeving, picking the products with a double head with pneumatic suction cups. The robot line allows to change over to different packaging styles without any hardware change.

The VELTRU L10 Line Control allows to balance the workload of the robots and to operate the system from a central control panel.

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